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Plain / summer / oak / Quercus robur L. / tree represents the first magnitude to a height of 40-50 m



Polish ash (Fraxinus oxycarpa Willd.) Tree with a height of 40 meters, with a broad crown.


Cerris Oak

Oak / Quercus cerris L. / Wood, at 35 meters high with a powerful, stretched sideways crown.


Beech Tree

Of common beech height reaches 30 - 40 m high in the mountains and can gain size and bushes.



Locust tree white / white acacia / (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) tree with a height of 25 m.


Walnut Tree

Tree to a height of 30 - 35 m and a broad crown. Due to the cultivation of walnuts in different countries...


Cherry Tree

Normal cherry / Cerasus avium L. / tree with a height of 35 meters and a diameter of 60 cm ordinary...


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Artistic Parquet







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