If the mortar does not meet these requirements

A) priming method - this method is safe and economical. Primer is done using the roll, until his assumption of putty. The second layer is placed after the first drying (5-6 hours). After drying of the second layer is made with adhesive surface that contains water. Primer hardened mortar, the powder sticks better, a better isolation of moisture. After drying the second layer of primer, the orchestra is laid by gluing with polyurethane glue.

B) method of crash - must be applied when the length of the floor is over 160 cm is characteristic of him in that place mortar structures with trapezoidal shape of solid wood, which subsequently parquet is fixed with screws through the nailing;

C) any other method of installation of flooring, is on the panels of different materials (OSB, MDF, chipboard, etc.). On which the parquet glue with special polyurethane adhesives, such as extra may be fixed in the substrate by screws;

D) If you want to put the orchestra in places with high humidity such as kitchens or areas adjacent to pools or baths should take additional measures to protect from moisture:

  • * Mortar shall be affixed on the primer against moisture;
  • * Adhesive waterproof hardboard panels with a special two-component polyurethane adhesive;
  • * Orchestra on these boards is the same adhesive glue;
  • * During the varnished to make instead of the usual three layers, five layers of varnish;
  • * The space between the orchestra and the wall is filled with a special assembly pianos;

E)solid wood parquet can be affixed to existing surfaces: tile, marble and mosaic, thereby causing first two components of the primer and then make the orchestra a special two-component adhesive designed for flat surfaces;

F) where the orchestra will be placed on the parquet, the old flooring must be iztsikli as polished layer must be removed;



A) Check the installation and remove the water leaks;

B) the ambient temperature at placement shall not be less than 15 ° C;

C) all works except for putting the last coat of paint must be completed;

D) and window panes in the windows should be placed to control the humidity in the room;

D) to achieve the balance of the orchestra with the moisture of the environment, the orchestra must first be removed from the packaging;

E) must be selected polyurethane glue with 2 components;

H) solid wood parquet ranks alongside the length of the room;

I) after the placement of the orchestra, wait at least three weeks and then lacquered and cycles;

J) at the edges of the walls are left blank space of 1,5 - 2 centimeters;

C) It is desirable to work with a team specializing in the placement of flooring;



A) sanding is done with sandpaper to sand large sitna.Vtoroto sanding is done with sandpaper granulated sand, the third most granulated;

B) After grouting is treated again with fine sandpaper;

C) After the final sanding dust from the surface must be well cleaned;

D) Lacquered in three layers with the help of a roller between the coating layers are intermediate grinding;

When sanding and polishing should be followed that order and coherence.



A) under the furniture should be placed stall to avoid scratching of the orchestra;

B) vacuumed or slightly damp cloth fabric;

C) note, the orchestra is not wet if water is spilled, wipe it immediately;

D) to maintain the temperature of 18S to 23S ° ° and relative humidity of indoor air from 40% to 60%;

Subject to these conditions you can achieve the desired result


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